This is a demonstration of the analysis we provide for business websites.
They are FREE of charge, and can either be delivered live, or by recorded video.


Simply click the button below, or reply to my original email to organise your video analysis. You can also of course call me on (407) 504-0280.

Let us build you a complimentary video analysis of your website.

You will receive at no charge:

  • 10-15 min video giving you detailed information about the most crucial details of your website.
  • What steps you should take on your website to make Google work for you to be more profitable.
  • More information about your online presence than you have ever known.

In your custom video, or live video call, I'll show you:-

  • How many people are searching for your service in your city. 
  • How much money those people could be worth to you on a monthly basis.
  • How your website is currently performing.
  • Why your website isn't performing as well as it could be.
  • What needs to be done to increase your enquiries from your website.
  • Real examples of the dramatic increases achieved for other local businesses.

PLEASE NOTE: This isn't a generic pre-made video. This video is me actually recording my computer screen and showing YOUR website, YOUR competitors, in your city, and explaining why they are getting more enquiries than you are.

I am NOT trying to sell you a new website. The one you have may well be absolutely fine, but just not generating as many sales and enquiries as it could be.

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